Agenda & Speakers

Beth Hoffman


Origami Therapeutics

Hyunsun Jo


Pin Therapeutics

Jared Gollob

Chief Medical Officer

Kymera Therapeutics

Kumar Suresh

Senior Director & Head of Drug Discovery


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3:00 pm Opening Remarks

3:10 pm Things to Consider in Degrader Development Using E3 Ligases in Immune Cells


• Things that control the expression/activity of the E3/E2 system
• A target protein that would be good to develop using the differentiated expression/activity of the E3/E2 system

3:35 pm Phase 1 Trial of IRAK4 Degrader KT-474 in Healthy Volunteers & Patients with Atopic Dermatitis & Hidradenitis Suppurativa


• Interim data from Healthy Volunteer SAD and MAD portions of the trial
• Data to include safety, PK, and PD establishing proof-of-mechanism and proof-of-biology

4:00 pm Adapting Targeted Protein Degradation for Neurological Disorders


• Special considerations for the CNS
• Selecting the appropriate type of degrader
• Challenges in determining efficacy in the CNS

4:25 pm Panel Discussion: Demonstrating Degrader Efficacy


• What is the challenge behind demonstrating degrader efficacy?
• What methods are currently followed to overcome the challenge of showing degrader targeting to the protein of interest?
• Establishing correlation between ubiquitination and target degradation, in vitro and in cell system remains a challenge. Tackling this problem will be key to establishing structure-activity relationship of PROTACs
• Impact of mechanisms involved in target protein’s stability and degradation at steady state on the PROTAC driven degradation.

5:00 pm Panel Q&A

5:20 pm Closing Remarks

5:30 pm End of Digital Event